When Disaster Strikes

The current and past several years has seen a greater impact to our family and business lives due to natural disasters.  The severe derecho storms, drought, earthquakes and hurricane Sandy were some severe and unusual events that seem to be becoming the norm.

Many of our clients utilize our services for backup and disaster recovery preparedness.  Certainly scanning your critical documents and hosting them on the cloud safe guards against loss of physical paper due to natural disaster.

Here are some additional tips to consider for your disaster recovery plan:

I will often advise clients to put archived files in cold storage to avoid the expense of scanning when there is no immediate return on investment.  Ensure that your records storage facility is in a secure area and that it will remain dry and accessible.

Although your digital documents are hosted securely on the cloud, do you have a backup of the files somewhere safe as well?

Hurricane Sandy knocked out the Post Office’s mail processing facility and many people were left  without receiving their checks and payments.  Do you have a backup plan to keep the money coming in, even when the lights are out?

Planning for a disaster is a necessary part of running a business and there are simple and effective ways that you can gain huge protection, but there should be no delay in the planning and implementation.