Why Businesses Should Outsource Data Entry

Keeping data in an organized, orderly fashion is no easy feat for any sized business.  Compliance regulations, retention guidelines and information security are just a few of the challenges associated with managing information.  In a cut-throat, competitive marketplace, businesses don’t always have the time, energy or resources to maintain their data internally in an efficient manner.  This is why many organizations are turning to data entry outsourcing services to handle the time consuming and tedious task for them.

At one point, data entry services were a resource not readily available, and those that were cost a hefty penny.  As demand for these services increased, document management, data capture and data entry solutions providers began offering affordable, turnkey services to businesses of all sizes.  Since, many data entry support companies have opened their doors to make data management effective, and the information itself useable and accessible.  Perhaps one of the biggest perks of outsourcing data entry is that a business can establish a specific set of requirements for the project.  Whether it is the management of records, lists, forms, databases, transcriptions or customer information in either online or offline formats—any guideline or specification is possible.

At ILM, it doesn’t matter if your data is resides on paper or electronic format, or is double-keyed or OCR.  Our data entry solutions are custom delivered to meet the needs of how you want your data and how you plan to use it.   The end result is electronic data that is easily accessed, searched, retrieved, analyzed and shared.  We also like to educate our clients on how to get the most out of future data entry projects.  What many companies don’t know is that the design of the form is critical to the seamless and fast completion of data entry.  We can offer tips and suggestions for how to design forms for future use that are easy to scan, key and OCR.

The overall benefit of outsourcing data entry is that you can effectively maintain your documentation without overpaying, and still allot optimum time to focus on operating and developing your business.  The greatest advantages of outsourcing data entry include:

  • Save time & money so that you can focus on your growing business
  • Flexible pricing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Constant access to data during every stage of the project
  • Confidential & secure management of your information
  • Dedicated project manager available throughout the project
  • Enhanced accessibility & usability of electronic data

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