Military Contractor Cuts Costs While Maintaining Source Information


Client: Military Contractor

ILM Contact: Director


The United States government sold older military aircraft to our allies. The contractor is responsible for maintaining the aircraft. Maintenance requires up-to-date manuals. Without the manuals, maintenance would be impossible and the aircraft could not be used. The client had to work within a limited budget while dealing with multiple locations and computer systems.

Printed technical manuals needed to be shared among multiple countries. However, in many cases there was only one copy. Maintenance manuals were complex and needed to keep their "paper" feel. Volumes of material were also costly to store and ship. Additionally, the manual needed to be compatible with multiple computer operating systems.

ILM Solution:

The manuals were scanned to Adobe PDF format and burned to CD. The CDs were easily duplicated and shipped to the various locations. A simple index was used to allow users to search for and retrieve specific pages. The user could then print the page(s) and keep the paper feel.


ILM scanned and indexed over 800,000 pages within three months and kept the project cost under budget. At the conclusion of the project, all source materials were securely destroyed eliminating storage costs.