Gathering + Transforming Data

Our process begins with collecting your materials. ILM’s process emphasizes chain of custody so we can ensure that all of the information that you send to us is securely handled and accountable while in transit.  

Established systems are in use for you to send us electronic or physical materials for processing. Whether you have a file room we need to inventory and pack up for scanning, or a routine volume of forms that need keying each day, we provide a wide variety of options for securely getting us your critical data.

Local clients take advantage of our pickup and delivery vehicles. Daily trips throughout the Mid Atlantic region make it easy to get us your hard copy materials.

ILM’s digital mailroom provides for materials to be mailed or shipped to us directly for processing. Many of our clients have mail-in surveys, applications, inbound postal correspondence, or fax receipt processing needs. Our custom digital mailroom services are a great fit for customers who are looking to find a cost effective service by outsourcing these business processes.

ILM is capable of setting up a dedicated PO Box, secure incoming fax line, or file transfer protocol to collect your materials. We often find that our clients have a variety of needs when it comes to getting their documents to us, and we ensure that multiple methods are available that best suit their unique requirements.

If you have a set volume of materials, a one-time project, or an ongoing project, we routinely use third party carriers such as FedEx and UPS for clients across the country. ILM even has the capability to receive tractor trailers for larger projects.