Streamlined workflow and accessibility

Documents seamlessly flowing from one department to the next with remote or hybrid workers instantly making decisions moving your company forward. Coupled with the ability to store, search and retrieve exactly what you are looking for based on full text and custom metadata. This is reality for many of our clients.

Automated Workflow

A robust automated workflow can supercharge how your staff receives and acts upon the incoming digital documents.  Not only does the workflow notify staff that digital mail is available, but based on a workflow, indicate what actions is required.  Reviewing and routing of documents based on certain criteria, review and approval of invoices, or providing instructions back to the ILM Project Manager on which account to deposit a check.

Automated workflows also ensure nothing falls through the cracks with escalation reminders and full auditing of who, when and what actions were taken.  Leveraging this easy to implement technology dramatically increases productivity, quality and consistency.

ILM offers Dokmee Hosted Document Management System and Workflow platform.  2 minute overview video.

Electronic documents automatically routing to your team for action

Securely share valuable documents anytime, anywhere on your desktop, mobile device or tablet

Long term digital storage of valuable information searchable by full text or custom metadata fields

Do you struggle with:

  • Using paper documents or emails to get information to the right people?
  • Not having a centralized, secure place to store all of your electronic files?
  • Having the ability to store information in an organized fashion so that documents can easily be found?
  • Records retention, disposition and compliance issues?

Automated Workflow and Electronic Content Management System

Automated Workflows

Setting up automated workflows is a breeze conforming to how you do business. Automation ensures documents are delivered to the right people and has ensures nothing is lost or forgotten.

Secure, Controlled Access

Only authorized users have access to your sensitive information. Access is available anytime, anywhere on your desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Fingertip Access

Instantly search and find your documents using powerful Google like full text searching or more refined and specific searches based on indexed metadata fields.

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works

Onboarding and Implementation

Understanding your documents and how they flow through your organization is the first step to designing the FileHold automation sequences. Once in place it’s thoroughly test but easy to change.

Controlled Access

Rights are assigned to individual users or groups based upon the functionality and access rights that you define. Users have concurrent access to the cloud hosted system 24/7/365.

Needles in Haystacks

OCRing your documents so all of the readable text because editable and searchable allows for full text search and retrieval. More powerful recall requires indexing metadata fields of your electronic documents. Items such as Names, Account numbers, Dates, etc are all definable fields.

Our Process

Performing data capture for over 46 years, extracting invoice data came naturally to us. Our process ensures that there is redundancy built into the system so we are checking and cross checking that the information captured is accurate.

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