Outsource tedious tasks to maximize your operations

Someone sells it. Someone does the accounting, legal and HR. But it’s up to you to make, service and deliver it. Outsourcing labor intensive tasks can increase your productivity and quality while driving down costs.  Leaving the staffing hassles up to us.

Fixed pricing with faster turnaround and better accuracy

Fully trained, experienced & reliable staff ready to handle peaks and valleys in volume

Higher security and redundancy from what is achieved internally

Do you struggle with:

  • Headaches of recruiting, hiring, training and retraining great staff?
  • Managing the ever changing swings in volumes?
  • Bottlenecks in your production or service delivery?
  • Increasing costs while productivity seems to slow?
  • Not using the latest and most productive technology?

Do you struggle with:

Accounting office graphic

Scanning, Lockbox and Mailing Outsource Services

Mailroom Outsourcing

Each business day, we collect, digitize and automatically route your mail to the right person or department that you can take action and share. Printing and mailing of your business documents, statements, notifications,

  • Lockbox for electronic check depositing
  • SOC2, HIPAA, PCI compliant
  • Automated workflows
  • CASS certified presort

Scanning & Document Data Extraction

Scanning of active or legacy paper documents, microfilm, and large drawings so you can have instant access. Free from the fear of loss or destruction in a more secure format that can be securely shared.
Capture of critical data fields from a variety of forms, claims, applications or unstructured documents.

Cloud Electronic Content Management

Secure SaaS to confidentially store, search and manage your documents that can be shared and accessible anytime from anywhere.

  • Search Indexed or Metadata Fields
  • Full audit logs
  • Records retention management
  • User access and management controls

Automated Workflows

Digitized documents are automatically routed to the right person, role or department. No more misplaced or forgotten documents. Highly customizable workflow design and escalation capabilities to supercharge your document workflow. All for your desk.

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works

Discovery Call

Before we can prescribe a solution, we have to fully understand all of your unique issues and what your vision of success is. From there we can craft a custom tailored proposal.

Onboarding and Implementation

A dedicated team will work with you in a structured manner to implement all of the systems and processes for your project. Testing and validation are paramount to ensure everything is working before going live.

Care and Feeding

You will work with a dedicated Project Manager and her team to ensure that you are constantly up to date on the performance of your project.

Our Process

We simplify the process by becoming an extension of your team. In as little as a few weeks, we will understand your project, begin collecting and processing your documents. All of this set up in a customized process for your project to meet your unique requirements while ensuring the highest quality.

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