Convert your paper documents into usable information

Immediate and constant access to accurate data is essential to every organization. Competitive businesses require the ability to share and collaborate with that information in today’s technology-driven market.

That’s why organizations of all shapes and sizes are adopting new ways to scan and convert paper documents into electronic formats that provide reliable and accurate data.

Document Scanning Outsourcing

The return on investment to digitize analog paper, microfilm or microfiche documents into an electronic format such as PDF or TIFF is usually based on the following three organizational needs, (1) Instant 24/7/365 access to their documents. (2) Ability to simultaneously share documents with a large group of people sometimes in multiple locations. (3) Regulatory requirement to store documents for long periods of time.

The benefits of electronic files are that they are more secure, when properly hosted, cannot be lost, or destroyed by fire or flood.  Having the PDF or image is the first step in harvesting valuable data that may be locked in paper.

Outsourcing to a professional company provides specialized expertise, equipment and technology such as AI for indexing digital images.  No need to hire and manage staff, need of the physical space or buying expensive equipment.  Adherence to governmental compliance such as The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) M-19-21 and Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI).

Data that you can analyze and make decisions

Access your information anytime, anywhere

Instantly share your information with lots of people in different places

Do you struggle with:

  • Making decisions because your data is locked in a paper or microfilm format?
  • Finding important documents?
  • Sharing information with co-workers, clients or vendors?
  • Easily storing your important information takes up too much space and worried that it may be lost or destroyed?

Digitization Outsource Services

Paper Scanning

Backfile scanning, day forward or relocation scanning services to scan your paper documents into PDF or TIFF files.

  • Backfile or relocation scanning
  • Legal records
  • Medical files
  • Business documents
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial records

Data Capture

Capturing and extracting crucial data and metadata embedded within paper and electronic documents and records.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPS)
  • Machine Learning
  • OCR, ICR and Manual Data Entry
  • U.S. Based or Offshore Options

Microfilm, Microfiche & Wide Format Scanning

Scanning of aging and brittle microfilm and microfiche. Digitizing of wide format drawings, plans and blueprints.

  • 16mm and 35mm microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture Cards
  • Architectural and Engineering drawings from A - E sizes

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works


ILM picks up your documents or they can be shipped to us directly. We can help you with the logistics of packaging, boxing and shipping options.

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Every client has the opportunity to review a test sample before moving into live production.  ILM preps your documents for scanning by removing fasteners and sticky notes, etc. Index on Box and Folder level is included. Scanned to Adobe PDF. Custom indexing and file formats are available.

Deliver Usable Data

After quality control, digital files can be delivered by encrypted SFTP, portable hard drive, or cloud based document management system. Source documents may be stored, shredded or returned.

Our Process

We simplify the process of digitizing your documents by streamlining our approach. Move from document storage to digitization in as little as a few weeks. After we understand your project, we will collect your materials, prepare the documents, and set up a customized process for your project to ensure the highest quality. After your documents have been scanned, we will review and audit the work we’ve done to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction.

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