Your documents accessible anytime from anywhere

Gone are the days of rooms full of filing cabinets and the constant headache to file, search and retrieve important documents. Free from the worry that they will be lost, destroyed by water or fire and compromised. Cloud Electronic Content Management (ECM) hosted, secure access to your information that is safe from destruction, secure, and always available.

What does your Cloud ECM offer?

Online storage such as Google Drive, MS Onedrive and Box are widely popular storage platforms that allow for easy organization and global searching.  In addition to those features, an online ECM offers several key advantages when it comes to storing, managing and finding your important information.

Specific searching based on indexed field values.  Google like, full text, searches offer overly broad and voluminous results.  Indexed field searches will result in exact documents that meet certain criteria based on indexed fields such as vendor name, dates, account numbers or a combination of all.

Workflows allow for the automatic routing of files for further action to be taken without manual triggers to be pulled.  Full auditing and escalation policies ensure no orphaned documents and records retention rules to ensure compliance and disposition of documents.

Access your information anytime, anywhere

Powerful automated workflows seamlessly moving through your organization for review, approval and action

True document retention policies, auditing trails, electronic forms, workflows in a hosted, self-hosted or on-premises

Do you struggle with:

  • Finding important documents and unsure if it’s the latest version?
  • Having documents routed to the right people to make review or approve?
  • Sharing information with co-workers, clients or vendors?
  • Easily storing your important information takes up to much space and worried that it may be lost or destroyed?

Cloud Hosted Electronic Document Management System

Document Management

Electronic files such as PDF, MS Office, and dozens of other formats can be securely managed and utilized.

  • Instantly search and find your documents as a full text search, indexed values or metadata.
  • Controlled document access by authorized users
  • Access documents anytime from anywhere from your desk, tablet or mobile device.

Document Workflows

Create unlimited workflows using watched folders to route documents for review, approval or other actions. Highly customizable to how you do business.

  • Automatic notifications
  • Reminder notices
  • Complete audit trail
  • Redundancy so nothing is forgotten or lost

Multiple Hosting Options

Organizations have a choice on who and how they want their system setup.

  • ILM hosted using AWS
  • Client hosted AWS or Azure
  • On premise license

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

Dokmee Cloud ECM

Partnership with Dokmee

Dokmee Cloud ECM is the solution for organizations that lack internal IT resources and want ILM Corp to implement, manage, backup, upgrade and support all of the document management functions.

Dokmee is enterprise-grade software installed on the AWS cloud environment which offers a 99% or greater availability. Customers get a highly secure desktop, web, or mobile application without investing in the infrastructure.

Dokmee Cloud is enterprise-grade software with a minimum deployment of 5 users. Easily scale to thousands of users and store millions of documents. The cost varies depending on the number of users and optional features purchased.  Let’s discuss how Dokmee can help you and your organization and schedule a demo.

How it Works

Digitize and Extraction

Invoices are received either digitally or mail.  Once in a digital format, the invoice information (vendor, payment terms, line items) are extracted using advanced OCR and AI tools.

Exception Processing, PO Matching & GL Coding

Trained staff review each invoice for accuracy for PO matching and GL coding. The final file is uploaded for ingestion to your accounting or ERP system.

Outbound Payment Processing

A multitude of options are available for outbound of paying vendors, clients or issuing rebates. Dictate payment types or have payees choose from print and mailed checks, ACH, e-checks, direct deposit, Venmo or Zelle.

Our Process

We simplify the process of digitizing your documents by streamlining our approach. Move from document storage to digitization in as little as a few weeks. After we understand your project, we will collect your materials, prepare the documents, and set up a customized process for your project to ensure the highest quality. After your documents have been scanned, we will review and audit the work we’ve done to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction.

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