How do I get a quote?

It all starts with a phone call and conversation to discuss your issues and intended goals. We have yet to have two clients with exactly the same project. While characteristics and certain details may be common among industry applications, we take the time to analyze your project and specifications. In many cases we will ask for samples and any other supporting information to help us build a custom quotation and often will provide sample data of your actual work. By performing a small test helps us to comprehend your project requirements for pricing and implementation and gives you confidence that we understand your requirements.

What’s the case for outsourcing versus doing it in-house?

In a word: Focus. All we provide is document and data conversion and document management solutions. We think about data solutions 24/7. This single-minded focus ensures that we stay on top of our industry by using the latest technology and industry best practices. The benefit to you, our client is 40 years of experience. An application that we use for our association lockbox client may be just as relevant for our federal defense agency. By quickly connecting these dots we help our customers get what they want from us – reliable and consistent conversion services at a cost effective price. ILM has the best, industrial grade document conversion software and equipment available in the industry and our production management techniques and processes have been honed, tested and proven over decades. Quite simply, we can do it faster and less expensive at a higher quality than our clients can. That’s the value that our clients recognize and value. What our clients do with their extra time is up to them.

How do I get my files to you and what if I need it while you have it?

ILM works with clients all over the world and we help facilitate the transportation of source documents to our facility. US Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL– we are on a first name basis with all of the major couriers. If you are in our local Washington, DC area, we can provide one of our vehicles for document pickup and delivery. We can also provide you with mailroom, web or fax services options to facilitate the receipt then processing of your documents. If you ever find a need to access materials in our possession, simply give your project manager a call. We will retrieve your documents and send them to you in a secure manner.

Where will my work be done?

We live in a global economy and ILM takes advantage of the best people and technology. Many times those resources are here in our offices. Other times they are offshore. If you require that all of your work remain within our brick and mortar facility we will fulfill that request. If you are looking for the best value of accuracy, turnaround and pricing, your documents may be received, prepped and scanned in the U.S., and then sent outside of the country for final indexing. Regardless where your work is actually performed you will with an ILM U.S. based Project Manager. ILM is fully responsible the security, accuracy and turnaround time of your job.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Call us at 540-898-1406 or email us at and we would be happy to give you a list of references.

Where is ILM located?

  Our facility is located in Fredericksburg, VA in a HUBZone-designated census tract. Our address is:   1551 Emancipation Hwy. Ste 200 Fredericksburg, VA 22401    

How can I send my documents to ILM?

ILM offers a variety of methods for document delivery to us for processing.  All of which are dependent upon the requirements of your document processing project:
  • PO Box – ILM can setup a dedicated PO Box for mailing and receipt of your documents.
  • FedEx, UPS or other carrier are often used to send materials to us.
  • Our secure pickup and delivery service that we offer throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Secure Cloud transfer of electronic documents to and from us is also an easy and reliable method.
For some clients, ILM have gone to their facility to inventory, pack into boxes and ship via tractor trailer to our offices for processing.  The options are endless.

Is outsourcing my confidential documents safe?

Yes. We treat our client’s information as if it were our own personal information. Systems and safe guards are in place to ward against unauthorized use and each client and project has its unique security requirements and therefore each project’s needs are addressed individually. As part of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, PCI Compliance and SSAE 16 Audit, ILM has a process in place where we routinely review, monitor and update our physical, personnel and electronic security measures.