Managing Incoming Data

Handling the flow of incoming mail or faxes is a tedious task best left to the experts. Whether your requirements necessitate lockbox services, inbound fax processing, or digitizing incoming mail, we offer a customizable digital mailroom service to compliment your existing business processes. ILM can easily manage your dedicated PO box or UPS/FedEx deliveries or a custom acknowledgment letter generation program. We have the resources and experience to help you move beyond paper by using our digital mailroom service for your organization.

Leverage Cost Savings

For many businesses, ILM is a trusted partner for those who seek to balance between handling critical information at lower costs and handling processes internally at higher costs, both financially and with time. When choosing a service partner for mailing services, ILM makes it easy to understand the benefits of outsourcing incoming mail processes. When we receive incoming paper mail, faxes, or emails on our secure servers, we capture important information and distribute data and images to the right people in your organization, reducing time spent sorting and classifying. We create custom services to fit your unique requirements.

Contact us today and learn how a partnership with ILM will positively impact your organization by automating your inbound mailing processes.

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