Handling the flow of incoming mail or faxes is a tedious task that requires resources and time to manage.

Whatever you need–digitizing incoming mail, lockbox services, or inbound fax processing–we offer customizable digital mailroom management solutions that compliment your existing business processes. Whether it’s dedicated PO box or UPS/FedEx deliveries, or a custom acknowledgment letter generation program, we have the resources and experience to streamline your mailroom.

Move beyond paper with ILM’s digital mailroom service.

Benefits of Automation

ILM is a trusted partner for many businesses who need to handle critical information while balancing both time and budgets. Learn how a partnership with ILM creates custom solutions to automate your inbound and outbound mailing processes.

No matter the size of your business, mailroom automation can help your organization meet its goals and fulfill objectives while reducing both cost and risk.

Streamlined Storage

When mail arrives in digital format, it’s much easier to store than paper documents would be. You don’t need bulky filing cabinets or physical access control measures to maintain your digital data. It’s all handled in a compact format that can be easily stored on an existing hard drive or server.

Lower Personnel Costs

Mailroom management typically requires dedicated personnel, particularly in larger enterprises that have to handle a high volume of correspondence. Allowing this process to be automated and managed by a third party reduces the need to divert revenue toward paying extra salaries, benefits, etc.

Tighter Security

Physical filing systems are typically secured with access control and security measures, including keys, locks, and surveillance cameras. Keeping digital documents secure, however, requires few physical assets. Instead, encryption and passwords can keep digitized correspondence secure right on your servers.

Reduced Loss

Physical mail can also get lost or otherwise compromised between receipt in your office and delivery to the right department. When you digitally transform manual processes, the odds of correspondence getting lost in transit diminishes significantly.

Improved Productivity

With fewer labor hours being put into the mailroom process, your staff has more room in the workday to focus on your core business processes. As a result, productivity increases.

Faster Response Times

Paper mail can be cumbersome, and as a result, response times are often much longer than they would be with an automated solution. Without having to wait through lengthy processing times, you can respond much more quickly.

Centralized Document Management

With digital mailroom solutions, your mail can be handled through a centralized document management system. If you use document scanning,it’s easy to maintain your other digitized documents along with your correspondence on a single server. With cohesive access control protocols, the result is a more efficient office.

Our Process

When choosing a service partner for mailroom services, ILM makes it easy to understand the benefits of mailroom outsourcing. We receive incoming paper mail faxes, or emails on our secure servers. Then, our data capture capabilities distribute important information, data, and images to the right people, reducing time spent sorting and classifying.

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Lockbox/Payment Processing

We’ve been handling paycheck processing (also known as lockbox services) for clients for over 15 years.

Lockbox services include:

  • Establish postal boxes
  • Receive and deposit checks into clients’ accounts
  • Process reply devices
  • Flexible, customizable solutions

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Mailroom Outsourcing

Condense and streamline mailroom operations with our services:

  • Mail forwarding
  • Digitization
  • Delivery of usable data

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If your correspondence needs don’t fit into these categories, reach out to ILM for a custom quote:

The Benefits of Partnering with ILM Corp

Choosing a partner for mailroom outsourcing improves business functions and efficiency in the long-term and short-term. It is far more than a means to reduce office paperwork and clutter. ILM understands that every organization operates differently and has individual requirements for scanning and organizing data. That’s why our services are tailored to meet your needs.

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In business since 1976, we enjoy 98% customer satisfaction.

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You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager assigned to you–a single point of contact.

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GSA Schedule 36
Domestic and offshore capabilities
Custom and flexible pricing available

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