Case files effortlessly gliding through your system

Finding and taking action on critical documents that are relevant to any legal action or case can only happen if you can easily find these files. Supporting law firms, Office of Inspector General (OIG) offices or corporate legal departments from document scanning to complete mailroom outsourcing.

Digital accessibility to key information is crucial to be able to read and review documents in a timely manner.

Streamlined access, simplified security, and decreased storage all result in lower costs to the firm

A digital mailroom will reduce staffing headaches and speed response time.

Do you struggle with:

  • Digitizing all of the different kinds of incoming documents, faxes and emails into one standardized format that everyone can work from?
  • Quickly routing and depositing checks?
  • An inefficient workflow to get the right documents to the right people so they can take action?
  • The ability to securely share information with fellow employees and outside organizations?
  • Easily storing your important information takes up to much space and worried that it may be lost or destroyed?

Valued Clients

Mailroom Outsourcing, Scanning, and Lockbox Services

Mailroom Outsourcing

Our law firm clients immediately realize the benefits of letting us handle their mailroom operations. Incoming documents are digitized and electronically routed to the right staff for action. No delays, no lost documents, no missed deadlines. Increased the speed in which you correspond with your applicants by using our print and mail services.

Right Sized Staffing

We handle the hassle of recruiting, hiring, training and managing highly skilled staff to be able to manage your every demanding workload. Because we service many clients, we cross-train our employees to manage your peaks and valleys in volume.

Digitization & Standardization

ILM can manage all of the different instreams of documents such as applications, claims, checks and invoices coming into your organization. From electronic check depositing, we digitize documents that you receive through mail, faxes, emails and portal uploads into usable data such as PDF files.

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works


ILM receives your mail, faxes or emails and converts them into a consistent PDF format.

Digitization & Data Capture

Bibliographic or other relevant metadata can be captured from each document including document recognition and unitization. Full OCRing to enable full text searching.

Deliver Usable Data

After quality control, digital files can be delivered for upload via encrypted SFTP or an automated workflow initiated so you can take action.

Our Process

We simplify the process of digitizing your documents and automating your workflow so you can make decisions and take action. In as little as a few weeks, we will understand your project, begin collecting and processing your documents. All of this set up in a customized process for your project to manage exception processing while ensuring the highest quality. Freeing you up to focus on your cases.

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