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The Importance of Banking & Financial Services Document Management

Financial institutions are heavily regulated. In order to substantiate each transaction, a tremendous amount of documentation is required. All of this information must be handled properly, and in a secure manner, in order to protect the livelihood of the customer and the organization. An increasing number of banks, credit unions, credit card companies and other financial institutions are using document management software systems to lower costs and improve operational performance. These types of systems help organizations convert from traditional paper-based processes to digital, electronic systems. They also allow organizations to gain efficiencies, lower administrative costs and improve the security of sensitive documents.

ILM provides a complete solution to financial document management that includes scanning, signature extraction, forms processing, document protection, compliance adherence, as well as archiving and indexing. Our solution goes well beyond traditional software, too. We provide our clients with automation and increased efficiency in processing contracts, records, deposits and applications. ILM’s expertise extends to other more complex matters like processing tax returns, financial statements, credit applications, as well as loan and mortgage transactions and associated collateral documents.

ILM has the document preparation and paper scanning capabilities for any bank, credit union, loan processing, mortgage or brokerage company. Using a sophisticated yet proven document preparation and scanning system, your documents are treated in a confidential manner and traced throughout a scanning production system using bar code tracking capabilities. The end result is a faster, more efficient way to access electronic records. Our system can easily be integrated into your existing document management system, or we can design a new indexing platform for you.

In the financial industry, document management systems provide increased internal productivity, provide real time, up-to-date information, and enable sharing and collaboration opportunities. Of course, you gain these benefits all while remaining compliant with federal security regulations. For more information on our services and to get started on a free, no risk trial, contact ILM today.

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