Digitization turbo charges value for your Members & Donors

Your members and donors expect the organization’s leadership to be progressive, fast and cost conscious. Employing digitization throughout your association or charity will increase member satisfaction, fluid communication and insights. All the while driving down transactional and overhead costs.

Faster response time and donation deposit times

Lower your carbon footprint by reducing paper and physical space

Instantly share your information with lots of people in different places

Do you struggle with:

  • Frustrated donors and members because it takes too long to respond to their inquiries?
  • Poor cash flow due to slow deposits?
  • Sharing information with co-workers, members or donors
  • Easily storing your important information takes up too much space and you are worried that it may be lost or destroyed?

Valued Clients

Scanning, Lockbox and Mailing Outsource Services

Lockbox / Check Depositing

Perform Image Cash Letter (ICL) or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) of your incoming payments or donations directly to your bank. Capture check and reply remittance information.

  • Provide PO or Caller Box
  • Reply and remittance capture
  • Experts at Exception handling

Printing & Mailing Services

Printing and mailing of your business documents, statements, notifications, etc.
CASS certified presort mailings of custom black and white or colored laser printed letters inserted into windowed standard or oversized envelopes.

Inbound Mail Processing

Each business day, we collect, prepare, digitize and deliver your inbound mail as a PDF file that you can take action and share.

  • Donor correspondence
  • Membership applications
  • Enrollment forms

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works


ILM receives your mail, faxes or emails and converts them into a consistent PDF format.

Digitization & Deposits

Documents such as remittances, reply devices and checks are scanned. Exception processing and data extraction of important metadata fields. Funds are deposited directly into your bank with complete reconciliation.

Deliver Usable Data

After quality control, digital files can be delivered for upload to your member or donor system by encrypted SFTP or our cloud based document management system.

Our Process

We simplify the process of digitizing your documents and depositing your funds by streamlining our approach. In as little as a few weeks, we will understand your project, begin collecting and processing your documents. All of this set up in a customized process for your project to manage exception processing while ensuring the highest quality. Freeing you up to focus on your mission, members and donors.

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