Recruiting, hiring, accepting and retaining the best people takes more than luck

The products you produce, the services you provide, the expertise offered can only happen from employing the best people in your industry. This also goes for those in academia who are responsible for their staff and student populations. HR professionals are only as effective as the information they have can access.

Access your information anytime, anywhere

Instantly share your information with lots of people in different places

Easily update and amend files with new and incoming information.

Do you struggle with:

  • Finding important documents?
  • Sharing information with co-workers, clients, vendors or other institutions?
  • Easily storing your important information takes up too much space and worried that it may be lost or destroyed?
  • Capturing all the different sources of incoming information in paper, fax and email formats?

Do you struggle with:

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Document Capture, Hosting and Sharing

Inbound Mail Processing

Each business day, we collect, prepare, digitize and deliver your inbound mail as a PDF file that you can take action and share.

  • Secure and PII, HIPAA compliant
  • Automated workflows
  • Stringent auditing requirements
  • Records retention

Document Management

Electronic files such as PDF, MS Office, and dozens of other formats can be securely managed and utilized.

  • Instantly search and find your documents as a full text search or by metadata fields
  • Controlled document access by authorized users
  • Access documents anytime from anywhere from your desk, tablet or mobile device.

Document Workflows

Create unlimited workflows using watched folders to route documents for review, approval or other actions. Highly customizable to how you do business.

  • Automatic notifications
  • Reminder notices
  • Complete audit trail
  • Redundancy so nothing is forgotten or lost

Paper Scanning

Backfile scanning, day forward or relocation scanning services to scan your paper documents into PDF or TIFF files.

  • Backfile or relocation scanning
  • Incoming documents

We get it – Trust and Experience Matters

How it Works

Discovery Call

Before we can prescribe a solution, we have to fully understand all of your unique issues and what your vision of success is. From there we can craft a custom tailored proposal.

Onboarding and Implementation

A dedicated team will work with you in a structured manner to implement all of the systems and processes for your project. Testing and validation are paramount to ensure everything is working before going live.

Care and Feeding

You will work with a dedicated Project Manager and her team to ensure that you are constantly up to date on the performance of your project.

Our Process

We simplify the process by becoming an extension of your team. In as little as a few weeks, we will understand your project, begin collecting and processing your documents.  All of this set up in a customized process for your project to meet your unique requirements while ensuring the highest quality.

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