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Old Dominion University


The Challenge

To modernize all of their student records into a usable digital format, Old Dominion University (ODU) was faced with a backlog of 2.5 million documents that dated from 1932 to 1985.  Taking up valuable office space in the Registrar’s office, the ability to respond for requests for transcripts, financial and aid files, was a laborious process and would take several weeks.  ODU knew that their current digitized student files was the answer offering instantaneous access.  Due to the sensitive nature of the documents, using students or internal staff was not viable.  While ODU transitioned to a new ERP, the digitized files would have to be securely hosted for complete electronic content management.  Finding a qualified document scanning partner with proven capabilities to protect sensitive information and had the proven experience were the two primary drivers.

Founded in 1930 by the College of William and Mary, ODU became an independent university in 1962.   With approximately 25,000 students each year and over 170,000 alumni, ODU is a major research and development university located in Norfolk, VA.

Our Solution

ILM provided qualified staff to work with the ODU registrar to pack the student record files from the high density filing cabinet system.  High Density Filing Cabinet  Each file was carefully removed, indexed and packed in heavy duty boxes.  Each box labeled for transport to ILM’s secure facility.  Once the files were removed, ODU began renovating the space.  The files were carefully scanned using IBML highspeed vacuum feed scanners and additional indexing performed on each file to provide enhanced records search and retrieval.  The electronic documents were hosted securely for three years as ODU transitioned to its new document management system.  Upon completion of the project, the source documents were securely shredded.

ILM also provided these same services for ODU’s Business and Counseling Offices.  Here’s what ODU has to say about working with us,

“From the first phone call to the final conversation, the customer service was excellent! These professionals are friendly, knowledgeable, and timely. The camaraderie amongst the employees is commendable, and the positivity comes through in their work. We were really impressed with the entire experience, especially due to working with sensitive material. Well done, ILM!”


The Results

ILM securely digitized over 2.5 million documents allowing The Registrar’s Office to better serve ODU alumni and students with retrieval times going from days to hours.   These records are now safeguarded against destruction and misfiling  and in a more secure electronic environment.

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