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Easy Access to Critical Data

Immediate and constant access to data is essential to every organization. Being able to share and collaborate on that information with the click of a mouse is also especially critical in today’s technology-driven market. This is why organizations of all shapes and sizes are adopting new ways to scan and convert paper documents into electronic formats.

Finding the Right Services to Benefit Your Organization

By offering backfile conversion and day forward imaging services, choosing ILM as a service partner improves business functions in the long-term and also serves as a way to more effectively complete daily tasks and responsibilities. This service is far more than a means to reduce office paperwork and clutter, although many businesses will tell you that it’s a huge perk to document scanning systems. ILM understands that every organization operates differently and has individual requirements for scanning and organizing data, which is why our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Watch how ILM easily converts hundreds of thousands of documents each month with state of the art IBML scanners.

Have microfilm or large format documents?

Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion

Large Format Scanning

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