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Making Decisions with Accurate, Usable Data

The lifeblood of any organization is the information that they use to make decisions. It’s imperative that this information is accurate, reliable and secure for the biggest impact. ILM provides data entry and indexing services to both large and small organizations through a wide variety of tools and resources. Aside from using the information to make informed decisions, there are many other benefits of our online data entry services, including:

  • Increased workplace efficiency by cutting down on time spent manually entering data
  • Enhanced data accessibility by using innovative indexing methodologies
  • Instant document retrieval with keywords, tags, and accurate information

Try our Document Conversion ROI Calculator or any of our other resources to determine the benefits for your organization.

Why Choose ILM

Based in Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, ILM has earned a reputation for converting difficult, handwritten and complex documents for many organizations including government agencies, nonprofits, and commercial businesses in many industries. We take these documents and convert them into usable, custom data.

When you outsource data entry to ILM, you can rest assured knowing that your project is overseen by a dedicated US-based project manager. Before we start working on a project, ILM can perform a small proof of concept at no cost to you to ensure what you receive fits your needs.

Customized Service

We make it a priority to exceed your expectations. This starts with creating a customized, thorough solution for your particular needs. From double-keyed data entry to forms processing and OCR/ICR technologies, we carefully consider your requirements along with our expertise to handcraft an ideal solution. Having performed hundreds of day-forward and back file data entry projects, we have developed a set of best practices for achieving the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Our testing and setup phase as well as our routine quality control checks ensure that your specific requirements are fully met over the course of your project.

Where Do I Start?

We start by establishing requirements in a phone call or stopping by for a meeting. Whether you have a list of specifications or would like us to help you get started, we will prescribe the best tools and methods to ensure the best possible results. We know data entry can be a significant investment depending on the number of documents, so we allow you try before you buy in letting us process a sample at no cost. This gives ILM a chance to thoroughly review your materials to develop a pricing proposal but also gives you a chance to see your documents in a digital format.

Determining the ideal structure for your digitized documents requires collaboration and expertise. Involving ILM in the process will give you access to industry experience that will help you put together the best structure for your company’s needs.

Contact ILM today to digitize your data and move beyond paper.