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Drawings, Blueprints, Maps, and More

When storing, transporting, and using oversize, large and wide format documents becomes tedious and time-consuming, ILM offers a convenient solution. The ability to easily access and share digital oversize documents such as D or E size drawings ensures that projects get done faster, more efficiently and that everyone is working from the same plan documents. Scanning your large format drawings, blueprints, maps, and photographs can save countless hours of finding the information you are looking for, not to mention preserving these documents for future use without the fear that they will become destroyed or lost.

Share and Collaborate

With digital images, sharing files becomes increasingly simple when compared to using paper. Planning and building departments in local governments, architecture firms of all sizes, and even the new homeowner looking for an easy way to collaborate with other users will all find substantial benefits in scanning their large and wide format documents.

Why Choose ILM

ILM makes it easy to move beyond paper by digitizing your large format documents – whether drawings, blueprints, maps, or something else altogether. Our state-of-the-art equipment and refined, proven processes will help you leverage significant time and cost savings. ILM works closely with you at the beginning of a project to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Where Do I Start?

We start by establishing requirements in a phone call or stopping by for a meeting. Whether you have a list of specifications or would like us to help you get started, we will prescribe the best tools and methods to ensure the best possible results. Give us a call or submit an inquiry to get started on your project today.

Contact ILM for Large and Wide Format Scanning

ILM has worked with organizations of all sizes – from multinational corporations to individual architects – to digitize large format documents. To learn more, submit an inquiry, or give us a call at 540-898-1406.