Access Critical Information

Organizations of all sizes are tasked with managing and storing information for long periods of time. Despite earnest efforts to preserve data in decades past, many businesses today find themselves with inaccessible information locked in microfilm rolls and microfiche cards. In order to access this critical information, you need a microfilm and microfiche conversion provider to convert your micrographic documents into usable, accurate digital data.

Secure, Long-Term Solution

There are many risks associated with preserving microfilm and microfiche documents. Deterioration, loss, or inadvertent destruction are all risk factors that must be taken into account when storing information for a long period of time. Transitioning your film to digital ensures that information can be backed up in multiple locations, you have the ability to share the data with multiple users simultaneously and the speed to access is now from your mobile device or desktop. Whether your data is on an indefinite retention schedule or you inherited the contents of a decision to film records long ago, digitizing your microfilm and microfiche provides a proven, secure way of storing information.

Why Choose ILM

ILM has expertise digitizing virtually any type of micrographic document – from film and fiche to aperture cards. Having served both government agencies and small commercial organizations, ILM offers a flexible, customized solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

Where Do I Start?

We start by establishing requirements in a phone call or stopping by for a meeting. Whether you have a list of specifications or would like us to help you get started, we will prescribe the best tools and methods to ensure the best possible results. Give us a call or submit an inquiry to get started on your project today.

Contact ILM for Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Card Conversion Services

ILM makes it easy to unlock critical information with cost-effective micrographic conversion services. If you have a project or you just want to learn more, submit an inquiry or give us a call at 540-898-1406.