For over 25 years, my professional career has been working and crafting my vision for ILM. Following several core principles, I realized that our success lay with having the best possible people on my team. Beyond the cliches, I truly believe that hiring the best people, treating them with respect, valuing their contribution to the team, giving them the best tools, including them in both the wins and losses translates to exceptional service and passion to our customers. The great work that we provide to our customers is the result.

Beyond my employees, I foster and care for relationships with partners and vendors who help me to achieve our goals. Many of these relationships span decades, through good and bad times, but our longevity and loyalty in our relationships is our advantage.

Transparency, ownership of the process and outcomes, real communication and collaboration has allowed us to work with many clients for 10, 15 and even 25 plus years. I would consider it a privilege to work with you, side by side, to help you achieve your goals.

Jason Cohen