Data Capture Solutions


Electronic data is more than a pretty digital image. Digital files hold pertinent information that a business relies on for everyday functions. However, digital files don't do a company much good if they aren't accurate and accessible. Data capture solutions take digital imaging to the next level by enabling users to collect, segment and analyze the information.

Capturing Accessible Data

ILM understands that the common challenge with digital imaging and data capture is making the data accessible. This is why our data capture solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your business. We have a wide range of tools and systems at our disposal, and by using these we define an appropriate data capture management process. The end result is usable, accessible data that makes your business more efficient and productive.

Advantages to ILM's data capture technologies include:

  • Improved data entry & forms processing time
  • Increased speed & accuracy in retrieving information
  • Reduced overhead costs & visible ROI
  • Customized indexing capabilities for how you want to use the data
  • Reduced errors in data entry & processing
  • Guaranteed confidentiality & security of your data
  • Fast turnaround

ILM wants you to understand how our approach works and be confident in our services before making a commitment. This is why we encourage you to try us before you buy us. All you do is send us a box of your documents and we'll show you the potential our data capture service has for your business. We also make sure you aren't inconvenienced at any point during the process, and ensure that data remains accessible to you. For more information on data capture, forms processing, data entry and OCR, contact ILM today.

Try before you buy