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Engineering Firm Recaptures Millions in Revenue

A multi-national engineering conglomerate came to ILM with a serious problem. Due to outdated record keeping processes, they were unable to keep up with the influx of client requests for replacement parts. The turnaround time necessary to fulfill the requests resulted in lost revenue and clientele. There was one main challenge in devising a document management plan for this company. Parts listings were kept on bills of material (BOM) that were many decades old. The bills consisted of various formats, type settings and paper types. Because of these inconsistent methods of record keeping, it took the company 7-10 days to process a client’s request.

ILM implemented a plan that consisted of data capture and digital imaging solutions. First, they scanned each BOM into electronic format. Next, they enhanced each electronic image for better view ability. Lastly, each line item was converted into searchable text so that it could be easily located. The end result was an automated indexing system that allowed customer service representatives to quickly locate parts for customers. Turnaround time went from a lengthy 7-10 days to 20 minutes. The company increased revenue by millions of dollars and provided each customer with faster service.

This case study is a prime example of how ILM uses a variety of document management tools to turn inefficient business processes into effective systems. For this client, a number of methods were utilized to help the company provide better customer service, retain clientele and increase revenue. For more examples of how digital imaging, data capture, document management and other imaging solutions can impact a business, check out the rest of our case studies at or call ILM today!

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