Scanning from Paper, Microfilm/Microfiche and Wide Format Sources

By now you have probably determined the enormous benefits of incorporating a paperless office, but getting there requires evaluating the many different scanning options available. Documents are digitized from paper, wide format or microfiche/microfilm formats. So, what are the differences, pros and cons of each type of source document? Paper document conversion and management is […]

How Do I Go Paperless?

Transforming any office space to a paperless environment requires a commitment to time and patience. To reap the benefits of a paperless office is a large undertaking for any office and this requires accepting the changes that will occur. Consider how much needs converting and inquire with a document management company, like ILM, to assess […]

Industry Spotlights: How Healthcare, Legal and Financial Services Industries Utilize Document Management Tools

Trends and technologies in document management are evolving with rapid speed.  Instant access to files, tools for collaboration, retention compliance, security measures and software compatibility are just a few factors affecting businesses across a variety of industries.  To keep afloat in our fast-paced business marketplace, you should strongly consider how your company can remain relevant […]