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American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society

The Challenge

Charted by the U.S. Congress in 1876, The American Chemical Society is one of the largest scientific organizations with more than 200,000  members across 140 countries. Their vision is, “to improve all people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.”  One aspect of fulfilling this mission is providing their constituents with valuable research journals.  Up to 15,000 older journals were locked in paper form and could not be easily accessed or shared.

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Our Solution

Many of the journals were quite old and required special care and handling as to not damage them.  The journals would be returned and preserved by the ACS.  Using specialized scanning equipment designed for bound journals and books, a high resolution image was taken.  The typeset of century old documents is not OCR friendly.  Using Prime Recognition’s multi-vote OCR and verification technology, we were able to produce highly accurate search engines results.  The higher the quality image, the better the OCR results.

ILM also indexed the full text and embedded the metadata into the properties field of the Searchable PDFs.  By providing indexed files with metadata, users would have quicker retrieval times and be able to narrow down search queries.

The Results

ACS librarians can easily manage and catalog documents which creates better efficiency for the organization. ILM optimized image quality and compression for quicker download times and reduced storage space required.  At the end of the day, what is most important is this valuable trove of journals is available online to all ACS members for continued research and advancement in the field of chemistry.

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