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Capital One

Capital One

The Challenge

Capital One, a leading financial organization, was having in issue processing incoming invoices.  Invoices were being paid twice and fixing the errors was tedious, time consuming and costly.  The goal was to not only eliminate this  issue but also reduce the costs of handling over 20,000 invoices per month.

A potent automated Accounts Payable system would eliminate double payments and offer instantaneous access to invoices.  Allowing customer service representatives to answer questions immediately rather than creating trouble tickets that then required several days’ worth of research.

Our Solution

A seasoned ILM Project and Technical Manager performed a thorough needs analysis of the issues.  Detailing the workflow with decision points and who is responsible person for decision shed light on a lack of technology and standardized business processes.  ILM presented its findings and options to Capital One.  The immediate return on investment was apparent so the decision was made to proceed.  ILM implemented Capital One with an online electronic content management system (ECM), document scanning capability and Accounts Payable processing applications to capture invoices on the fly.

The Results

Capital One realized results immediately with a 50% improvement in productivity within the first six months and a 10% reduction in costs during the first year; which is expected to improve.  Not only are vendor partners happier, but Management is able to make better business decisions from the increase access to financial information. The cherry on the top is the feedback that they will be able to meet all business objectives ahead of schedule in less than one year.

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