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Capital One

Invoices were being paid twice and the process needed to correct the errors was time consuming. The client was looking for a way to eliminate this problem and reduce the costs associated with handling over 20,000 invoices per month.

By having a system that could eliminate double payment and offer instantaneous access to invoices, representatives could answer questions immediately rather than creating trouble tickets that then required several days’ worth of research.

ILM Solution

We performed a thorough needs analysis on this problem and presented options to this organization. After evaluating a return on investment, a decision was made to supply this company with a Web-based document management system and an in-house scanning station to better manage their invoices.


This company has realized results immediately: a 50% improvement in productivity, after only six months, a 10% reduction in costs during the first year, which is expected to improve. Management is able to make better business decisions from the increase access to financial information. Consequently, this client says they will be able to meet all business objectives ahead of schedule in less than one year.