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International Organization for Migration

The German government provided compensation and a formal apology to survivors of forced and slave labor during the 1930s and 1940s. The client needed to act quickly to gather and process claims from candidates throughout the world.

This was a large logistical challenge that needed to adhere to strict conditions and time lines imposed under the German agreement for time to allow claims to be filed and paid. Claimants were located in over 40 countries. Claims were in multiple languages including Serbian, Macedonian and Greek.Claim attachments were poor quality ranging in size and shape.

ILM Solution

ILM helped to design the claim forms that claimants used and made them electronically available. A strict claim docketing system was established to track a claim throughout the claim life-cycle. The process incorporated document scanning of all the claims and related attachments. A blend of OCR, barcode, and manual data entry was instituted to streamline the process and reduce costs.


More than 250,000 claimants applied over an eight-month period. All data and over two million sensitive pages were captured and returned to the organization within 18 months. The client has paid over $1.2 billion.