The information found on old documents forms an integral part of history, whether those documents record the background of a university or give vital information about people’s ancestors in a county. Preserving that information should be a top priority.

Archive Scanning To Preserve Historical Documents

ILM helps numerous organizations preserve historical documents in their collections through top quality archive scanning services. In our process, each document is handled with the care it needs to remain in perfect condition.

Scanning these documents not only keeps them preserved in digital format, but makes them fully searchable when coupled with our indexing and data entry services. The result is easily accessible history.

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Importance Of Digitizing Historical Archives

Historical documents are valuable, fragile, and irreplaceable. As much as any organization may try to keep its historical archives and repositories safe and secure, there is always a risk that those archives could be damaged or destroyed.

Keep your legacy alive

Courthouse fires are a well-known plague on historical vital records, often frustrating genealogists and other historians. Universities, schools, and historical associations all rely on their archives to preserve their legacy, but that legacy can easily be lost to a single fire, flood, or other event.

Make documents easily accessible

By scanning documents into electronic format, you can make your history digitally available to your community with web-based storage.

Organizations We Serve

ILM scans and digitizes historical documents from numerous organizations, including:



Universities and colleges

Universities and Colleges



Historical Societies

Historical societies

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Government Agencies

Government Agencies



Historical Document Types

Among the documents we can scan are the following:

  • Vital records and court documents
  • Land records
  • Historical drawings and schematics
  • Student records
  • Art
  • Books, journals, and logs of historical importance
  • Other archived records

Our facilities are capable of handling all types of records, from single pages to books to oversized items.

Additional Services

On top of our historical document and archive scanning services, we provide a host of other services that can be used to make documents more accessible, further streamlining your processes. These include:

  • Indexing
  • Data entry
  • OCR and ICR
  • Digital mailroom
  • Lockbox services
  • Secure check processing
  • Document shredding and destruction

To learn more about these services and how they can help your organization, contact us to talk to a representative.

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The Archive Scanning Process

When scanning historical documents, we start by discussing your project and needs. From there, we’ll come to collect your documents and begin scanning them into a database.

Throughout the process, we take special care to handle each document properly so that they’re preserved. Our process is designed to ensure minimal errors occur while scanning, indexing, and entering data.

Once your project is complete, we deliver your records—both physical and digital—to you for safekeeping.

Other Resources

Archive scanning has many ins and outs, and it’s helpful to know as much as you can about the process in advance. The following resources can help you determine what you need most for your historical documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan old documents?

Historical documents are valuable, fragile, and irreplaceable. ILM helps numerous organizations preserve historical documents in their collections through top quality archive scanning services.

How long does it take to scan documents?

Scanning a document can take anywhere from less than a second to several minutes, depending on document size, condition and scan resolution. ILM takes these factors into account when providing timeline estimates to our clients.

Where can I go to scan documents?

ILM Corp scans documents for clients in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. We’ll come to you to collect the documents, digitize them then sort them.

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At ILM, we have over four decades of experience in archive scanning and document digitization, which gives us the expertise you need when it comes to preserving priceless historical records.

Contact us to get started with your project and benefit from our wide range of services.

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