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What Is the End-to-End Accounts Payable Process?

End-to-end accounts payable processes are the closely linked operations required to capture, verify, reconcile, approve, and pay every invoice your company receives. Why are these processes important? Because your company most likely receives hundreds, if not thousands, of invoices a quarter. That means even relatively small improvements to how each invoice is handled can scale […]

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Getting your AP Processing Department to be Best in Class

As supply chains become ever-more closely integrated, businesses are paying increasingly close attention to the real cost of tracking, managing, and making payments to suppliers. Many are finding that inefficient internal accounts payable (AP) operations are costing them more than they realized in hefty overheads, poor cash flow management, missed savings, and poor financial decision-making.

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How AI Is Reshaping Accounts Payable Processing

Efficiently managing accounts payable can be a complex and time-consuming task for many organizations. Manually processing invoices can lead to inefficiencies, payment delays, and potential errors that negatively impact vendor relationships. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how businesses manage accounts payable by making the process more efficient and reliable. This advanced technology enhances accuracy, security,

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Safeguarding Your Business Against Accounts Payable Fraud

Strong and consistent oversight in accounts payable is essential to deter fraud. The risks increase exponentially when only one person manages invoice receipt, processing, and payment. This is why it’s essential to have checks and balances in place. While accounts payable fraud risks can never be fully eliminated, businesses can significantly mitigate them through proper

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How to Manage the Accounts Payable Process in 2024

Businesses today commonly encounter accounts payable problems that include invoice mistakes, undetected fraud, and cash flow management issues. Remote workforces and rapidly growing transaction volumes can quickly overwhelm old processing systems. These mounting AP struggles lead companies to seek outsourced help. ILM Corp offers comprehensive AP management solutions tailored to modern business needs. Our approach

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Capital One

Capital One

Capital One, a leading financial organization, was having in issue processing incoming invoices.  Invoices were being paid twice and fixing the errors was tedious, time consuming and costly.  The goal was to not only eliminate this  issue but also reduce the costs of handling over 20,000 invoices per month. A potent automated Accounts Payable system

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Top Accounts Payable Outsourcing Companies [2024]

Accounts payable (AP) outsourcing companies step in to handle your company’s invoice capture, verification, and payment systems. With reliable accounting staff in critically short supply, a good AP vendor ensures your suppliers and vendors get paid on time, all the while unlocking big potential savings on staffing, equipment, and overheads. Handing off your key financial

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