5 Tips for Outsourcing Digital Mailroom Services

Handling the influx of mail, faxes and other incoming data is a challenging task. If you’re interested in learning more about digital mailroom services, it’s in your best interest to first determine if outsourcing even makes sense for your organization. Considering the amount of incoming mail, sensitivity of information, and other factors are critical to account for when making this decision.

Below we’ll cover five tips, along with a few questions to ask yourself as you decide whether outsourcing digital mailroom services is a good fit:

  • Find out what you total volume of incoming mail
  • Determine the format you need the data converted to
  • Consider the methods of receipt that you handle
  • Consult with your legal team about provider requirements
  • Inquire about quality control


  1. Determine the total volume of incoming mail your staff is currently processing and classifying.  

Is this steady throughout the year or seasonal? The volume of your incoming mail will determine the type of postage discount in which you may qualify. You will also want to consider the amount of time spent by staff who may benefit from being able to dedicate more time to other critical functions.

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  1. Based on the needs of the end users, what format do you need the data converted to?

For simple data such as mail-in surveys, you may want an Excel spreadsheet. For more complex data that has many types of fields, you may want to think about a pre-formatted text file that can be integrated into your content management system. Will you also need scanned images of the documents?


  1. Consider the various methods of receipt you currently handle. Is the vendor going to handle each method or will some stay internal?

From incoming paper mail to electronic mail, faxes to hard media such as flash drives, how many types of mail would be feasible and cost-effective to outsource?


  1. Inquire with your legal team to see if a service provider needs any special certifications.

In today’s world, you can never be too careful in handling mail with sensitive information. Do your service providers need security, quality management, or facility certifications in order to handle your data?

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  1. Ask what quality control procedures are in place at the vendor’s location.

While most data today is backed up in some way, paper mail is difficult to replace. Many mail shops operate without a certified quality management system which may cause concern for your business process owners. How important is it to your organization to have a vendor with certified quality control procedures?


Stay ahead of the data flow with digital mailroom services

These tips and questions are a great place to start in your initial assessment of whether or not to outsource digital mailroom services. However, every organization has its own unique set of requirements that may affect the decision to fully or partially outsource, or keep functions internal. While reviewing these tips, we encourage you to contact ILM with questions or to learn more about our experience and process.

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