The financial services industry relies on accurate, timely, and secure information. While the popularity of e-statements, online billing, and other paperless transactions has increased over time, many financial services providers still largely depend on paper and the need to manually key in important data. The highly sensitive and regulatory nature of financial services makes it a challenge to securely and properly maintain data. Multinational investment banks to local credit unions rely on efficient business processes in order to keep satisfied customers. Financial institutions we serve include:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Mortgage & Investment Firms
  • Financial Advisors
  • Securities Trading
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate

From new loan applications to recurring statements and transaction receipts, the stakes are high when it comes to data accessibility, maintenance, and security in the financial services industry.


Financial Document Scanning Solutions

ILM’s financial document scanning and data capture solutions help organizations streamline their document workflow and remain efficient, productive and compliant. Custom document conversion services benefit financial firms of all sizes as well as their clients and customers. Let us handle the execution in delivering accurate, reliable and accessible financial services data processing solutions.

Whether your firm’s documents are on paper, in an electronic format, or a combination of both, business process owners are tasked with efficiently accessing and using critical data. ILM’s digitization and document scanning services can transform static data into digital, searchable images. Backfile scanning, day forward initiatives and incoming mail handling are all solutions available to help you move beyond paper.

Benefits of Financial Services Digitization

Data Accessibility

Electronic financial documents are easy to retrieve, share, edit and collaborate with making your internal operations more efficient and productive. Whether you have offices across the country or you need information down the hall, data locked in paper is best when it’s available at any time, anywhere. Shorter retrieval times means faster processing times. The sooner you have the information you need, the better you will be able to serve your clients.


Regulatory and statutory requirements weigh heavily on the financial services industry. ILM has successfully undergone an SSAE 16 / SOC 1 Type II audit, is PCI compliant, and undergoes quarterly network scans by the federal government. Finance document conversion and data capture solutions enable you to maintain compliance with regulations that control the industry as a whole as well as your own internal controls.

Automated Workflow

Every piece of financial documentation is part of a bigger picture. Whether it’s a simple approval or a complex multi-step process, digitized financial documents and data eliminate the need for manual tasks. This improves not only the speed in which the task is completed, but it’s accuracy and reliability.

Improved Operational Performance

Despite the ongoing need to meet retention schedules, you can eliminate the need for storage rooms full of filing cabinets. Spend less time sorting, filing and finding paper. With electronic financial documents, your firm can focus less on paper management and put more effort into maintaining data security and delivering exceptional customer service.

Contact ILM for Financial Document Scanning & Data Entry

ILM has worked with financial services firms big and small to convert physical data into easily accessible, usable digital files and streamline document workflow. Stay on top of what’s in your control—data maintenance, transaction history and financial privacy. To learn more, submit an inquiry, or give us a call at 540-898-1406.