Hospitals, clinics, private practices, and other institutions in the healthcare industry are always in need of secure, current, and accurate information. In many cases, access to information can play a significant role in the success of your practice and the health of your patients. Healthcare and insurance organizations must maintain strict regulatory compliance and secure client information. Digitizing records and securely outsourcing data capture processes can ensure large and small practices cost-effective solutions when it comes to managing data. To improve both ease of access to information and client confidentiality, medical record scanning and data processing solutions are critical in organizational success.

Healthcare Expertise

ILM has experience scanning, indexing, and managing a wide variety of healthcare documents and data, including:

  •        Release of Information Requests
  •        Personal Health Records
  •        Physical Examination Records
  •        Lab Records
  •        Patient Information
  •        Insurance Documents
  •        Medical Device Information
  •        Billing and Payment Records
  •        Clinical Research Data
  •        Health Surveys and Clinical Trials Data
  •        Medicare and Medicaid Information
  •        Medicare Claims Files
  •        Legal Documents
  •        Administrative Data
  •        Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Benefits of Medical Document Digitization

Ease of Access

Hospitals and clinics serve hundreds, if not thousands, of patients daily, each with their own needs and medical history. While paper records are kept in secure file rooms, information is not always readily available leading to backlogs in recordkeeping. Properly indexed electronic medical records are much easier to retrieve, ensuring quick, efficient care with minimal wait times for patients.

When patients move from one provider to the next, transferring their critical patient information can be a challenge for any organization. Release of Information is a tedious process which combines all of the different records and data formats into one standardized electronic format that is easily distributed.

Improved Efficiency

From accessing specific healthcare data to logging insurance and payment information, an electronic system enables speedy access to every type of medical record and transaction. Healthcare document digitization improves office efficiency when compared to paper or hybrid systems. Save your staff countless hours of time by outsourcing data entry tasks best left to the experts, ensuring accurate, timely data.

Regulatory Compliance

Professionals in the medical field must maintain strict compliance with HIPAA (show HIPAA logo)  and other federal requirements regarding the handling of medical records. ILM has served as a business associate – as defined by HIPAA (1996) – in processing protected health information (PHI) for dozens of healthcare clients. All ILM employees undergo annual third-party HIPAA awareness and security training, giving our customers peace of mind when their sensitive information is in our possession.


Patient medical records contain an immense amount of sensitive information. Keeping this information secure is vital to upholding the integrity of any healthcare office or insurance agency. Paper records are not only more expensive to maintain, but they are at greater risk of being compromised, stolen, damaged, or lost. Electronic health records don’t pose the same risks when protected with standard computer-based protocols and safeguards.

Decreased File Storage Space

Healthcare providers, especially personal practices and smaller clinics, often have limited space when it comes to storage, and they need to make every square foot count. Managing decades of patient records can fill that space quickly, leading to exorbitant costs. Electronic healthcare records and data drastically reduce the amount of physical space needed to store medical data.

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