State & Local Government Scanning and Data Entry

Collecting and maintaining large quantities of information is a challenging task for state and local government agencies as they process and manage thousands of forms, records, and files each day. In many cases, the most effective way to manage critical data is by digitizing paper into accessible, accurate electronic documents.

Whether scanning backlogs of paper documents or performing data entry from paper or electronic forms, we serve state and local government agencies, helping them streamline their document workflow while maximizing security and efficiency. This enables state and local governments to focus their resources more exclusively on serving the public rather than managing massive amounts of static, inaccessible information.

State and Local Government Document Scanning and Data Capture

ILM has partnered with numerous government agencies and departments to develop custom document scanning and data capture solutions. We have experience working with sensitive and confidential records including those with personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), which allows us to work with the following types of documents:

  • Court documents
  • Energy and infrastructure documents
  • Health records
  • Law enforcement records and forms
  • Financial records
  • Tax forms and documents
  • Vital records, including birth, marriage, and death records
  • Building permits
  • Land records

Benefits of State and Local Government Document Conversion

When state and local government agencies work with ILM, they minimize the need for paper from the workplace and improve overall efficiency and security. This brings multiple benefits:

Improved Efficiency

State and local governments are tasked with providing the highest levels of service oftentimes with limited resources. Searching for information locked in paper documents takes time away from more mission-critical work. By using a service provider like ILM to digitize records and capture important data, the time it takes to access information is drastically reduced.

Rapid data capture is required so agencies can execute on their core mission. This applies to a wide variety of applications including driver’s license applications, fisheries reports, tax returns, professional licensure applications and other regulatory compliance requirements.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with federal and state guidelines regarding the maintenance, accessibility, and retention of government documents is paramount. By managing documents electronically, the process of ensuring regulatory compliance is far simpler. ILM carefully maintains compliance with these standards including Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws.

Increased Control

Version control of documents is difficult to maintain via paper, but it becomes much easier once documents are scanned and indexed. Outdated documents and contracts, such as application forms and vendor contracts can be easily updated, further streamlining document workflow. ILM works closely with clients and their IT departments to establish data validation rules, output file type requirements, and other technical specifications to ensure seamless integration with existing systems.

Strengthened Security

Since digital documents and electronic data do not require as much physical space as paper, they are much easier to keep secure. Backed up servers are much less susceptible to damage from fire and water. Further, the risk of loss due to misplacement or misfiling is mitigated with proper indexing during ILM’s digitization process.

Reduced Space Requirements

Paper takes up a substantial amount of space in state and local government offices. By using ILM to scan documents into a digital format, agencies can condense an entire room full of filing cabinets into a single hard drive, dramatically reducing the physical space needed to store vast quantities of paper. This also means dedicated storage space is no longer necessary when it comes to keeping official records secure, regardless of retention schedules.

Reduced Expenses

By reducing the time it takes to manage and retrieve data, state and local government offices can utilize their resources – both financial and personnel – more effectively. The costs associated with finding and storing documents are minimized when working with electronic data.

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