Accurate, Timely Processing

While paying digitally has certainly become easier over the past few years, many people still prefer to pay with physical checks. Having a canceled check is a validation that the payment has been processed and accounting protocols are the primary reasons why paper checks still make sense. As the recipient, handling large volumes of checks, credit card payments and their associated reply devices can quickly become overwhelming.

Efficient Payment Solutions

For over 15 years, ILM has been processing checks – known as lockbox services – for a variety of clients. We establish postal boxes, receive and deposit the checks into the client’s account, and process the reply devices. This is an expedient and secure way to receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Why Choose ILM

ILM has served clients with lockbox and payment processing services for the last 15 years. We understand that each client has their own specific requirements which is why we work tirelessly during our testing and setup phase to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for with our services. Instead of an all-in-one package, we offer flexible, customized solutions that fit your business processes and internal systems.

Where Do I Start?

We start by establishing requirements in a phone call or stopping by for a meeting. Whether you have a list of specifications or would like us to help you get started, we will prescribe the best tools and methods to ensure the best possible results. Give us a call or submit an inquiry to get started on your project today.

Contact us today and learn how a partnership with ILM will positively impact your organization by automating your inbound payments.

Contact ILM for Lockbox and Payment Processing Services

ILM has worked with financial services firms big and small to convert physical data into easily accessible, usable digital files and streamline document workflow. To learn more, submit an inquiry, or give us a call at 540-898-1406.