Free Up Time & Resources With Mailroom Outsourcing

With mailroom outsourcing services, you forward your mail to us and allow us to scan it into an easy-to-manage digital format. The mailroom services provided at ILM include:

  • Digital mailroom with document scanning
  • Lockbox payment processing services
  • Fax processing

As we digitize your incoming mail, we can also index it to make it fully searchable in your database. From there, we send the data on to you for distribution within your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mailroom Services

Mailroom outsourcing streamlines your mail management processes and ultimately yields cost savings that can benefit your company. Some of the advantages offered by outsourcing mailroom services include the following.

Centralized mailroom management

If you have multiple offices, switching to an outsourced mailroom solution will help condense your mail management into one cohesive process. When you get your mail, it can all be handled and stored on one central database.

Lower office space requirements

Without the need to store hundreds of thousands of physical pieces of correspondence, you reduce the office space necessary for your central business processes. Eliminating a physical mailroom to sort and process mail frees up more square footage.

Reduced risk

Physical mail can easily get lost, and even if it doesn’t, it can still be compromised during sorting or interoffice delivery. By converting your mail to a digital format and sorting it with password-protected user accounts, you reduce the risks associated with processing paper mail in your office.

Cost savings

The result of outsourcing your mailroom is cost savings over handling everything internally. Labor hours and salaries can be put to use on achieving core business objectives rather than satisfying peripheral—but necessary—processes. Add improved security and reduced risk of loss to the equation, and it’s obvious how mailroom outsourcing can benefit your organization.

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Choose ILM for Mail Outsourcing

When you choose ILM to handle your mailroom outsourcing needs, you choose a company that has dedicated over 40 years to scanning and digitizing documents, performing data entry, and handling business information. 

We’ve helped numerous companies with our suite of digital mailroom services, and our processes are designed to comply with the highest standards of quality. Our process follows these steps:

Collect materials

Either forward us your mail or deliver it to us directly. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that works best for you when it comes to handling large volumes of incoming correspondence, whether that’s handling a dedicated PO box or processing sensitive payment information.


We create a process that’s adapted to your needs, whether that includes lockbox payment management, document digitization, or fax processing.

Deliver useable data

Your mail is then sent to you in digital format after making sure everything is accurate and complete. The data may be stored on an internal server, hard drive, or disk, and it can be easily accessed through your company’s computers or mobile devices.

Lockbox Payment Processing Services

If your business often receives payments by mail, our lockbox payment processing services can help you streamline that process as well. Using dedicated postal boxes, we receive and process checks, credit card payments, and so forth using secure, efficient processes. Replies are handled efficiently as well. The result is a reliable way to make sure payments make it to your accounts.

Get Started Streamlining Your Mailroom Management

To start the process of streamlining your mail management processes, contact ILM today. We’ll help you develop a custom solution that works best for the volumes and materials you typically handle in your mailroom, then handle it on your behalf.

For more information about our digital mailroom services, contact us, or simply request a quote below.