Law firms accumulate vast volumes of paperwork, making data management a chief concern to keep the practice running smoothly. Legal scanning services can help your firm better manage your records while improving security for sensitive information in your archives.

Benefits of Legal Scanning Services

When using legal scanning services, law firms can benefit in numerous ways, including improving regulatory compliance, streamlining workflows, and reducing costs overall.

Streamlined workflows and research

Helping clients typically involves a great deal of preparation, and that means leafing through client correspondence, legal documents, drafting briefs, and drawing up many forms of paperwork. Document scanning enables speed and accessibility, which is vital in time-sensitive cases.

Reduced storage space

Many documents are maintained for set periods—some of them indefinitely. That can result in massive archives, which adds unnecessary overhead. The storage required in keeping those records in digital format is far simpler and less costly to the firm.

Simpler compliance

Most firms must adhere to federal and state regulations governing confidentiality and preservation, and specific laws may vary by practice area. Legal scanning services make preserving them easier, and it helps improve the security and confidentiality of documents as well.

Simpler security and confidentiality

Client information and other data are all highly sensitive. Transferring that data to servers drastically improves security when considering the on-site storage alternatives. In addition, access control is ironclad with passwords and credentials as opposed to physical access keys and storage rooms.

Lower costs

Ultimately, maintaining the documentation needed to keep a law firm running is much less expensive with legal scanning services. Reduced physical space requirements, simpler security, and quicker access all decrease operating costs.

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Legal Documents Types

lawyer looking through legal documents

ILM has experience with all types of legal documents, including the following:

  • Briefs
  • Case studies
  • Court documents
  • Complaints
  • Client documents
  • Depositions
  • Discovery documents
  • Estate planning and trust documents
  • Probate files
  • Written communication
  • Financial documents
  • Tax documents 

We recognize the need to keep the information on many of these documents completely confidential, which is why we take special care to minimize exposure for each piece of paper throughout the scanning process.

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Our Legal Scanning Services Process

Our process begins with a discussion on your needs, during which we’ll outline the overall scope and requirements of your project. When we’re clear on the details, we’ll collect your documents for scanning.

Throughout the scanning process, special care is taken to make sure the confidentiality of sensitive paperwork is preserved. If indexing and data entry is required, either OCR is used, or those involved are only permitted to see sections of text rather than entire documents.

Once your records are fully scanned and digitized, we deliver them to you through secure file transfer methods. The originals may be returned as well, or we can destroy them to keep your data secure.

Additional Resources

Each project is different, and it may be unclear exactly what your legal scanning needs are. When planning your project, these resources may help:

1. More reliable document security

Protecting your data with traditional file cabinet locks and keys on file or paper shredding is no longer the best way to secure your files. The bank-level data security offered by digital content management services, however, can keep your company’s data out of suspicious hands.

2. Access data with ease

Digitization helps everyone stay informed by sharing documents and data with your entire company. With digital retrieval and searchable documents, you’ll be able to instantly access the information you’re looking for.

3. Decrease your carbon footprint

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. With document scanning, you can help reduce paper waste by sharing files digitally.

4. Digital copies and automatic backups

You’ll be tempted to say goodbye to your copy machine. With a document scanning service, you can automatically save data and create digital copies of your files. You can also save these files in multiple places, eliminating the risk of damaging or losing your only hard copy.

5. Spend more time on what matters

Nobody wants to spend time sorting and organizing physical documents. With digital file management, your team will suddenly have extra time on their hands. And that time can be spent on tasks that actually turn a profit.

Get Started With ILM Today

ILM has over forty years of experience in document scanning and data management. We’ve served law firms in the past, and our experience with sensitive documents and regulatory compliance requirements qualifies us to serve law firms in all practice areas.

We guarantee each project we take on, which means we work hard to meet your requirements and deliver the results on time. As such, the results yield the full benefits that you should expect.

To utilize our legal scanning services at your firm, contact us to get started.

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