medical records scanningHospitals, medical practices, dentist offices, and other healthcare providers handle a great deal of paperwork. Much of that paper plays an essential role in managing their business and providing the best possible care to patients. Additionally, other documents and forms are required by federal and state regulations

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Scanning

ILM helps healthcare providers manage their paperwork with HIPAA compliant medical records scanning. Documents are made secure, all while creating more accessibility for both staff and their patients.

HIPAA requires healthcare providers to make patient information accessible to patients yet safeguarded from unauthorized users. At ILM, our staff undergoes HIPAA awareness training every year, and we keep our facilities secure, so you can trust us with your sensitive medical records.

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Benefits Of Medical Records Scanning

Medical records scanning yields several benefits to hospitals and other healthcare providers. 

A few of these advantages include:

  • Ease of access for authorized medical staff
  • More efficient transfer of healthcare information from one provider to the next
  • Greater overall operational and administrative efficiency
  • Less physical space needed to store files
  • Security with lower space and hardware requirements
  • Lower risk of damage, destruction, or misplacement of documents
  • Easier compliance with HIPAA and other standards

Ultimately, by scanning your medical records into a digital format, you’ll see an increase in your business processes while making security, storage, and compliance all less costly.

Medical Record Types 

At ILM, we have a great deal of experience scanning all manner of medical documents and records. 

Among those we’ve worked with include:

  • Personal health records
  • Lab records
  • Physical examination records
  • Release of Information requests
  • Clinical research data
  • Medicare and Medicaid data, including Medicare claims
  • Legal documents
  • Administrative papers and documents
  • Surveys
  • Medical device instructions and documents
  • Insurance records
  • Billing and payment records

Given the sensitivity of many of these records, it’s important to make sure the services you use are protected. ILM keeps all confidential paperwork safe and secure during the scanning process, and we minimize losses and errors to the utmost degree.

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The Medical Records Scanning Process

ILM’s process is safe, reliable, and secure, making sure your documents are collected, processed, and delivered in a way that minimizes loss and maximizes confidentiality.

Consultation and collection

Before we get started with medical records scanning, we’ll consult with you on the scope and nature of your project. From there, we’ll send someone to collect your records and transport them to our facility.

Secure and confidential document scanning

From there, we scan each medical document, checking for accuracy at every stage of the process. Those documents are converted into images, PDFs, or TIFF format, depending on your specific requirements. 

For sensitive documents, special care is taken to make sure the information they contain is kept private.

Final delivery

Once scanned, we can deliver the final result to you through a wide range of options. Your paper documents can either be returned to you, or destroyed to maintain security.

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Medical Records Scanning Resources

Navigating the many variables involved in medical records scanning can be a challenge. The following resources will help you get a clear idea of what your project will look like:

Managing Medical Records With ILM

With over four decades of experience in document scanning, a state-of-the-art facility, and strict adherence to federal regulations, we provide a secure way for healthcare providers to convert their documents into digital format.

To get started scanning your medical records, contact ILM today.

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