Public and private universities are always in need of ways to more effectively manage their student, alumni, administration and faculty data. Whether student files, alumni databases, or fundraising mailing campaigns, colleges and universities are looking for ways to streamline the management and access this critical information. From registrars to admissions offices, university departments are faced with the responsibility of acquiring and maintaining large volumes of information, often locked in static paper forms and records. This includes filing, reviewing and managing thousands of documents such as applications, financial aid files, transcripts, admissions and enrollment files.  The college application process is a perfect example of students, references and other organizations mailing or digitally sending in application information that is to be digitized and married to the correct applicant or student file.

ILM has experience converting this static and inaccessible information into usable, accurate electronic data by offering document scanning and data entry services, including:

  • Applications and Admissions
  • Transcripts
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Faculty and Personnel Files
  • HR Records
  • Historical Books
  • Newspapers
  • Student Publications
  • Medical Files
  • Enrollment Documents
  • General Education Files
  • And more

Benefits of Digitizing Documents in Education

ILM’s education document scanning solutions help you move beyond paper while remaining efficient, productive and compliant. Custom document conversion solutions can benefit your institution by making it easier to access and use mission-critical data. Let us handle the execution in delivering accurate, reliable and accessible information, saving your office time, space, and money.  ILM has worked with the spectrum of educational institutions and understands the complexity of handling sensitive information, how to access information while it’s being processed by us and ensure data quality to ensure that these official records are accurate.


Security is a critical component of managing information. By digitizing and archiving school records, administrators and recordkeepers can better protect confidential and sensitive student information and decrease the risk of loss due to fire or weather events. ILM’s HIPAA compliant and secure physical and electronic infrastructure provide the necessary framework to keep your information secure.  While HIPAA compliance is mainly directed toward the healthcare field, its security protocols are applicable and therefore implemented for our education clients.

Ease of Access

A common complaint we hear from colleges and universities is that accessibility to student files needs to improve. By digitizing paper documents, you will be able to quickly and securely give access to critical information to those who need it, even if they are across campus or at a satellite location. Digitizing documents also provides an easy and affordable way to share documents with parents and students.  This ease of access also ensures that a reliable digital backup is available, so the fear of loss of the paper or microfilm records is eliminated.

Increased Efficiency

Both registrars and admissions offices need to be able to access student and faculty files quickly in order to do their job. With these documents in a digital format, you will be able to drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to locate and retrieve information.

Decreased Space for File Storage

Not only will using document conversion services streamline office systems and increase security, it also helps clear thousands of square feet of office space by eliminating filing cabinets, paper boxes, and other storage containers. With the low cost of digital storage in today’s world, thousands of dollars can be saved in little time by storing documents electronically.

Contact ILM for Education Document Scanning & Data Entry

ILM has worked with many major college, universities, and higher education associations to convert their admissions, student records and financial aid documents into usable, digital files and streamline document workflows. Stay on top of what’s in your control—data maintenance, document records and privacy. To learn more, submit an inquiry, or give us a call at 540-898-1406.